The Kids Dentist not only abides by its motto of "fun dentistry for kids", but provides comprehensive oral healthcare for children of all ages, from birth to 18 years.
Our services include the following :

  1. Caries risk assessment - will identify the level of risk for cavity development and other oral health diseases in infants, children and adolescents.
  2. Minimal intervention dentistry - strong focus on preventive therapies customized for the individual child to avoid tooth cavities and other oral health diseases.
  3. Diet counseling and modification - good eating habits and food preferences are established early in childhood. Poor diet can eventually lead to poor health, obesity and even tooth decay. Advice on safe diet for good oral health will be customized for your child.
  4. Pits and fissure sealants - the chewing surfaces of your child's teeth are not smooth and flat. They are criss-crossed with tiny hills and valleys, called pits and fissures. These are places where plaque can build up and cause cavities. Sealants will prevent tooth decay especially in newly erupted permanent teeth.
  5. Home and professional fluoride therapies - fluoride has been proven beneficial in the prevention of tooth decay and tooth sensitivity. Fluoride treatment and application will strengthen your child’s teeth against tooth decay.
  6. Behaviour modification and shaping - Dr Rashid is a specialist paediatric dentist with special training in helping anxious children feel safe and comfortable during dental treatment. Our clinic is designed for children and our staff are patient, caring and most importantly, love being with kids.
  7. Nitrous oxide inhalation sedation (relative analgesia) - "laughing gas" can help the anxious child relax and allow the dentist to perform the necessary dental treatment. The use of nitrous oxide sedation in children’s dentistry has been proven to be very safe in many international research publications. Our practice, do not advocate the use of intra-venous sedation for the management of children.
  8. Oral rehabilitation under general anaesthesia - comprehensive dental treatment performed under general anaesthesia (GA). Our practice engages only well-qualified paediatric anaesthetists for the GA. All our anaesthetists still hold visiting consultant appointments in the restructured hospitals.
  9. Sports dentistry and trauma management of fractured teeth - provision of sports mouth guards and immediate management of fractured primary and permanent teeth.
  10. Restorative dentistry with non-mercury containing fillings and stainless steel crowns - dentistry for children without mercury!
  11. Removable orthodontics - "simple" braces to correct simple "bad" bite also known as malocclusion.
  12. Dentistry for sick children - children with special health care and medical needs, which includes congenital heart diseases, haemophilia, autism and others. It is always important to prevent oral health diseases which may further compromise the health of these children.